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The NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) Garage is a business creation and prototyping space for students who have a passion for entrepreneurship. It provides a common space for students from all academic disciplines to develop new ideas and work on entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether you have a bunch of great ideas or have already started a venture, the Garage has all of the resources entrepreneurs need to be successful. In fact, nearly 75 percent of Garage members say they have started or plan to start their own venture in the next five years.

Located in Innovation Hall at Wolf Ridge Apartments on Centennial Campus, the Garage has two prototyping workshops that include 3D printers, a laser cutter, ShopBot, 3D scanner, solder stations, and power tools. Garage members may also checkout items like video and photography equipment as well as tablets. A variety of small group meeting rooms provide appealing spaces for teams to brainstorm, along with a conference room that serves as a professional space for meetings with clients or investors.

In addition to serving as a physical space for entrepreneurs to develop, create and invent, the Garage offers programmatic resources like community office hours and pop-up discussions that focus on entrepreneurial-themed topics. Members have access to hundreds of entrepreneurial-minded peers, which makes networking and relationship-building easy. The Garage’s designation as an IP-free zone sets the tone for a collaborative, communal environment that encourages creativity and free-thinking.



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