Jar-With-A-Twist Featured in Local and National Media

July 25, 2013


Jar-With-A-Twist’s YouTube video caught the Huffington Post’s attention in the article “How to Avoid Peanut Butter Knuckles: The Jar With a Twist” and went viral from there!  Their product was given a spotlight in the national media on Good Morning America (watch here), Fast Company, and Right This Minutejust to name a few.  Local news outlets like the Triangle Business Journal also took notice.  The patent-pending product was a 2013 Lulu eGames winner in the Design & Prototype competition.  Jar-With-A-Twist is led by College of Engineering students Michael Bissette, Sean Echevarria, Stephen Smith, and Spencer Vaughn who developed their idea in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) and work in the Entrepreneurs Garage.

Congratulations, Jar-With-A-Twist!