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VentureBoard is an online platform where student entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship faculty can connect. Click here to apply

Influence the culture. 

The Entrepreneurship Initiative exists to support entrepreneurship education across all academic disciplines at NC State.  Here how your students can take advantage of our resources.

Entrepreneurs Garage:

Encourage students to apply to use the Garage to develop their new or existing venture and/or product.  Learn More

Andy and Jane Albright Entrepreneurs Living and Learning Village:

Help students become a part of a community where they live and work together as entrepreneurs.  Learn More

EI Events:

Connect your students to our events, which includes the Lulu eGames, a start-up competition where students can win cash prizes to put towards their venture and/or product.  Learn More

Academic Course:

Recommend students explore entrepreneurial thinking in the EI’s general education course, EI 201.  Learn More

EI Ambassadors:

Become a leader in entrepreneurship on campus.  Learn More

EI Student Network:

Connect your students with fellow entrepreneurs and hear from business leaders about popular topics in entrepreneurship.  Learn More


Advise student entrepreneurs across campus on their start-ups and ideas.  Learn More