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2015 Lulu eGames winners have been announced!
See the winners here.

The Lulu eGames is an annual start-up competition that celebrates student innovation and entrepreneurship. Sponsored by the online publishing company Lulu and hosted by the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI), teams from all academic disciplines collaborate to develop solutions to real world challenges. As a result, participants often develop innovative ideas that are ready to be launched as new businesses. The competition consists of a series of categories that promote student creativity and entrepreneurship. With multiple categories in which students can participate, teams are eligible to compete for cash prizes totaling up to $40,000.

The Lulu eGames consists of four categories in which students may participate: New Venture Challenge, Design and Prototype Challenge, Arts Feasibility Study Challenge and Verizon Student Innovator Challenge: Service and Mobile App Competition. Each category has its own set of rules and submission deadlines in addition to the general rules of the competition. Visit our individual competition pages for specific instructions and rules for applying.

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