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The Lulu eGames is our annual startup competition sponsored by the online publishing company Lulu. The competition consists of multiple tracks in which contestants can enter. This year, we will award more than $60,000 in cash prizes!

Deadline to Enter:

The deadline to enter the Lulu eGames is Feb. 8 at 12 p.m. (Noon) EST, which applies to all five tracks. Participants should apply online via StartupCompete. Instructions are available on the individual track pages listed below.


New Venture: Business Plan Challenge for All Types of Ventures
Design and Prototype: New Product or Concept Ideas
Arts Feasibility Study: For-Profit or Non-Profit Arts-Related Ventures
Daugherty Endowment: Startup Companies with Licensed NC State Intellectual Property
B Corp Champions: Sustainable Ventures Promoting Social and Environmental Change

Eligibility Requirements*:

General Rules and Eligibility Requirements: Daugherty Endowment Track
General Rules and Eligibility Requirements: All Other Tracks

*Please note, instructions for how to enter each track are available under “Tracks.”


Can I compete in multiple tracks? Yes! Can I participate in more than one team? Yes! Complete answers to these questions and more can be found in our student FAQs.

Past Winners:

Here are  few of our recent winners, with some names you may recognize:
Undercover Colors:
 The first fashion company empowering women to prevent sexual assault
Bee Downtown:  Fighting diminishing bee populations by creating rooftop and clear storefront observatory hives
Freshspire: Optimizing food distribution, one community at a time