Entrepreneurship Initiative Garage

Entrepreneurship Initiative Garage

The Garage is our venture creation and prototyping space - designed for students who have a passion for entrepreneurship. It serves as a hub for students across campus to come together and explore their entrepreneurial ideas and interests.

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What is the EI Garage?

This startup space has it all – a physical space for entrepreneurs to develop, create and invent as well as programmatic resources like community office hours and pop-up discussions. Members have access to hundreds of entrepreneurial-minded peers, which makes networking and relationship-building easy.

The Garage’s designation as an IP-free zone sets the tone for a collaborative, communal environment that encourages creativity and free-thinking. What does this mean for our students? They own 100% of the intellectual property developed here. We’re open 24/7 for students, so come work when the inspiration strikes!

How do I get access?

We keep it simple with our membership criteria.

  • All members must be currently enrolled, degree-seeking students.
  • Members should have good conduct and academic integrity history. Have an incident? Talk to us about it before applying.
  • Filled out your application? All members must attend a one-hour safety orientation.

Meet those criteria? Your next step is to fill out the short application below. Looking forward to seeing you in the Garage!

Where do I find it?

The Entrepreneurship Initiative Garage is located in Innovation Hall in the Wolf Ridge Apartment community on Centennial Campus. Our staff is available between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Find us on the campus map here.

The latest Garage happenings:

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